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POMzites a roadmap for inverse design in metal oxide chemistry
  • Laia Vila-Nadal
Laia Vila-Nadal
University of Glasgow

Corresponding Author:laia.vila-nadal@glasgow.ac.uk

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Exploring the space generated by the self-assembly of known metal oxides computationally and the ability to predict new architectures is a challenging task. Narrowing it down to a family of all-inorganic porous materials, composed of ring-shaped tungsten oxide building blocks connected with transition metal linkers forming zero to three dimensional frameworks. Structurally like zeolites (213 recognized structures), but an order of magnitude smaller, the POMzite library has only 14 members. Applying the concept of ‘materials by design’ applied to molecular metal oxide chemistry synthesis, and their assembly into frameworks. Structures with new topologies, but aiming for pure inorganic systems, will be targeted from the beginning.
29 May 2020Submitted to International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
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