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Saddle Pulmonary Embolism and Thrombus-in-Transit Straddling the Patent Foramen Ovale 28 Days After COVID Symptom Onset
  • Kana Fujikura,
  • Joao Fontes,
  • Cynthia Taub
Kana Fujikura
Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Joao Fontes
Montefiore Medical Center
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Cynthia Taub
Montefiore Medical Center
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We present a late presentation of saddle pulmonary embolism and thrombus-in-transit straddle the patent foramen on patient who successfully recovered from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (COVID-19) pneumonia. Seven days post-discharge (i.e. 28 days after initial COVID-19 symptom onset), she was readmitted to hospital for severe dyspnea. Computer tomography angiogram and echocardiography confirmed the diagnosis. Severe pro-inflammatory and pro-thrombotic states with endothelial involvement have been reported associated with severe COVID-19 infection. However the duration of hypercoagulable state has not yet known. This case highlights the risk of thromboembolic phenomena for prolonged periods of times after recovering from COVID-19 pneumonia.
31 Jul 2020Published in Echocardiography. 10.1111/echo.14796