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Dynamical analysis of fractional-order of IVGTT glucose-insulin interaction
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  • Sayed Saber,
  • Mansoor Alshehri,
  • Faisal Duraihem,
  • Mohamed Abdelkawy
Sayed Saber
Beni Suef University Faculty of Science
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Mansoor Alshehri
King Saud University College of Science
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Faisal Duraihem
King Saud University College of Science
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Mohamed Abdelkawy
Beni-Suef University
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In this paper, we investigate the dynamics of a fractional nonlinear dier- ential equation glucose-insulin system that arise in Bergman’s minimal model, used to describe blood glucose and insulin metabolism, after intravenous tol- erance testing. We also discuss the stability and existence, uniqueness, non- negativity and boundedness of the solution. Moreover, we adapted the shifted Jacobi Gauss Radau collocation (SJ-GR-C) method for the fractional-order of IVGTT glucose-insulin interaction. Furthermore, numerical simulations are carried out to illustrate the main theoretical results.