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Solving the mystery of triple energizer in traditional Chinese medicine    
  • Muyang Yan
Muyang Yan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Triple energizer (Sanjiao, 三焦) is an extremely important concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which participates in comprehensive Zangfu viscera functions, but its spatial scope and anatomical basis has remained unknown for more than two-thousand years. Combining TCM and modern medicine, we have firstly identified triple energizer anatomical characteristics, and established a new definition of real triple energizer. Triple energizer is the sum of systemic connective tissues. It wraps around and supports the body tissues, viscera and cells, and sustains the basic upright posture of the human body, whose network is essential to human health. New definition reasonably unifies its anatomy and integrated functions. Thus, we have unraveled, for the first time, the medical mystery on the triple energizer of perplexing human beings. In a clear understanding of the basis of triple energizer, we have solved big issue of meridians (Jingluo, 经络). As pericardium belongs to the triple energizer system, not a separate viscus. Pancreas plays the role of Jueyin meridian. The hand Jueyin pancreas and hand Shaoyang triple energizer meridians are a pair of Yin and Yang related meridians involved in the formation of the twelve meridians. These primitive findings will contribute to the progress of human medicine.