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Development of an on-site diagnostic system for infectious diseases: evaluation using blood samples containing the bovine leukemia DNA
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  • Yasuko Yamazaki,
  • Uraiwan Seo,
  • Konomu Nagao,
  • Hirohisa Mekata,
  • Wataru Yamazaki
Yasuko Yamazaki
Kyoto University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Uraiwan Seo
Kyoto University
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Konomu Nagao
University of Miyazaki
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Hirohisa Mekata
Miyazaki Daigaku
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Wataru Yamazaki
Kyoto University
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Along with progress in globalization of society, the spread of infectious diseases has accelerated worldwide. Although the deployment of highly sensitive genetic tests is essential for early diagnosis and early containment of potential epidemics, tedious and expensive nucleic acid extraction steps represent a major drawback. Here we developed a simple and rapid DNA extraction method, named as an EZ-Fast kit, applicable to the epidemic field setting. The kit does not require advanced laboratory equipment or expensive DNA extraction kits and achieves crude DNA extraction within 10 min at extremely low cost. When combined with real-time PCR and LAMP analyses, the performance of the method, using 183 bovine blood samples, was similar to that of the existing DNA extraction method: 92.5% (135/146) (real-time PCR) and 93.7% (133/142) (LAMP) diagnostic sensitivities, and 100% diagnostic specificities. The developed system provides a powerful tool to facilitate on-site diagnosis in an epidemic field setting.
Dec 2020Published in Letters in Applied Microbiology volume 71 issue 6 on pages 560-566. 10.1111/lam.13376