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A Novel Quad-Band Circularly Polarized Planar Slot Antenna using Triple Strips
  • Reshmi Dhara,
  • Taraknath Kundu
Reshmi Dhara
Sikkim National Institute of Technology
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Taraknath Kundu
National Institute of Technology Sikkim
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Herein a simple, compact quad-band circularly polarized monopole antenna is proposed for multisystem application. The monopole antenna is constructed via triple strip fed by the microstrip line, a ground plane on the reverse side of the substrate having a slotted square loop, and two stubs which are slotted employed transversely across the diagonal line on the square loop. This proposed antenna is simulated and fabricated to stimulate a number of resonances. Optimizations of the antenna design parameters combined the resonances, and thus obtained a wide multi impedance bandwidth (IBW). The measured multi IBW at S11<-10dB ranges from 4.63 – 5.47 GHz, 6.08 – 6.59 GHz, 8.26 – 9.59 GHz, 10.05- 10.42 GHz, and 11.81 – beyond 15 GHz. The simulated quad axial ratio bands are 217, 269, 223 and 564 MHz at centre frequencies (fc) of 5.3, 9.0, 12.1 and 13.8 GHz, correspondingly. Implemented antenna radiation features are also presented and deliberated.