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I'm Steve Bernard, Interactive Design Editor at the Financial Times. AMA on cartography and dataviz in the newsroom
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Corresponding Author:financialtimes@thewinnower.com

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Hi there, I work in the graphics department at the Financial Times website/newspaper where I have worked for over 22 years and have seen many changes in this industry over my career. My main area of interest is in cartography but you can ask me anything you want with regards to visualising data, telling stories with data, processes, software, working in a newsroom, how I got into data visualisation. Check out these links of previous work China’s polluted skies Air pollution: why London struggles to breathe Japan: the next big quake Sand castles on Jersey shore: property boom defies US flood risk Data visualisation: how the FT newsroom designs maps Global M&A exceeds $3tn for fourth straight year Apple tests new iPhone price threshold at $999 Germany’s election results in charts and maps Due to the overwhelming response to a few of my recent posts on r/dataisbeautiful I thought it would be a good time to host an AMA Pollution in London 3D animation of pollution in China Animation of flooding caused by Ilisu Dam Proof: https://i.redd.it/dc6ab3noa9o11.jpg