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Science AMA Series: I’m Helen Roy, a Professor in Ecology at the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. I do research on invasive non-native species and their effects on biodiversity. AMA!
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Hi Reddit! As we travel around the world and our economies become more globalised, plant and animal species are declining and in some cases disappearing due to the arrival of invasive non-native species. Invasive Non-native species are a huge cost to the global economy and pose a serious threat to the environment. My research focuses on the effects of environmental change on insect populations and communities, especially invasive non-native species and their effect on biodiversity. I also lead the UK Ladybird Survey, a citizen science initiative that links into my research focusing on the invasive harlequin ladybird. I’m part of the Sense about Science Plant Science Panel, an online group of over 50 independent plant science researchers. You can ask them any questions to do with plants, food or the environment on Twitter (@senseaboutsci #plantsci) Facebook or via the website. Answers are sent back within a couple of days and posted online. The Panel has answered close to 400 questions over the last three years and it’s a great way to cut through the noise around what can often be very polarised debates. I’ll be back at noon EST to answer your questions, AMA!