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ACS AMA: Hi Reddit! My name is Dr. John M Newsam CEO of Tioga Research, Inc. Ask me anything about the skin or materials applied to the skin, or about founding and building a small company.
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Hi Reddit! I’m Dr. John M. Newsam and I serve as CEO of Tioga Research is a contract research organization (“CRO”). Our specialty is formulations applied to the skin. We undertake research and early development programs for pharmaceutical, cosmetic & personal care, and medical device clients. We have particular expertise in formulations innovation and in screening skin permeation and delivery. We use proprietary high throughput experimentation (“HTE”) platforms to increase the efficiency with which we can screen formulations for their ability to enhance delivery of an active molecule into and through the skin. We work with a spectrum of companies, in the US and also in Europe, Japan, India and beyond, and we help these clients in a broad range of R&D projects. I am a chemist, a materials chemist by training. After my BA, MA and DPhil degrees in Oxford I spent nearly two years doing neutron scattering research in the Physics Department of Tohoku University in Japan. Deciding then to come to the US, I had to decide first between an academic or industrial track. Choosing the latter, I joined ExxonMobil Corporate Research in New Jersey, where I was fortunate to be able to work on inorganic materials for a range of interesting applications, including ceramics, catalysts, zeolites, and oxide superconductors. I got interested in computer simulation and was then recruited by Biosym Technologies, a molecular simulation software company in San Diego. I had various executive roles, including Chief Scientific Officer, as the company was acquired by Corning, merged with Molecular Simulation, and was acquired by Pharmacopeia (now Biovia DS). I then became more interested in start-up and early phase companies, co-founding FreedomVoice Systems, hte AG, fqubed, Integrated Discovery Sciences, Bio4Front and, in 2011, Tioga Research. I also serve as an ACS Expert an AAAS Fellow and a RSC Fellow; I enjoy teaching entrepreneurship to undergraduates at UCSD and discussing with local middle- and high-schoolers interested in chemistry. I will be back at 1 pm EST to answer your questions, so, ask me anything about the skin and materials applied to the skin. You can also ask me about my research background, and anything about founding, building, and experiences working for a small company. I need to leave again - but as there are so many questions I was not able to get to, I will work to schedule some time tomorrow to field a few more. Thank you again for your interest. I am back online to field some more questions (although I have realized that some of my earlier responses were apparently not posted as a result of my internet access issues - I will try to re-answer) Apologies - we have apparently had an internet outage, so my replies and comments have been delayed; I’m still online Good morning (at least in California time) . . . I am now online to answer any questions you might have. Apologies - we have apparently had an internet outage, so my replies and comments have been delayed; I’m still online Wow - so many interesting questions and comments. Thank you. I have to leave now due to other commitments, but I’ll try to connect again later in the day to field a few more questions. I have enjoyed the dialog with each of you, even for you that asked questions that I haven’t gotten to. Many thanks for your interest. Please check out www.tiogaresearch.com for more information, if you are interested. Video produced by ACS released 11/15/16 on acne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrMbwDil1hc -ACS edit