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PLOS Science Wednesday: Hi Reddit, we’re Lara Aknin, Kiley Hamlin, and Elizabeth Dunn. We published a paper in PLOS ONE that found toddlers experience happiness when sharing with others, which is consi
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Hi Reddit, My name is Lara Aknin and I am an Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at Simon Fraser University. My research focuses on the relationship between generosity and happiness. I am Kiley Hamlin, and I’m an Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of British Columbia (UBC). My research focuses on the development of moral action and judgment in preverbal infants and toddlers. And I am Elizabeth Dunn, a Professor of Social Psychology also at UBC. My research focuses on the factors that shape human happiness. We recently published a paper titled “Giving Leads to Happiness in Young Children” in PLOS ONE. In this paper, we show that toddlers find giving treats to others more rewarding than receiving treats themselves. These findings support the idea that humans may have evolved to find giving rewarding. We will be answering your questions at 1pm ET (10am PT) – Ask Us Anything! NOTE: Lara, Kiley, and Elizabeth are sitting together to answer these questions and coming up with a collaborative response to inquiries.