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I’m Hadley Wickham, Chief Scientist at RStudio and creator of lots of R packages (incl. ggplot2, dplyr, and devtools). I love R, data analysis/science, visualisation: ask me anything!
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Broadly, I’m interested in the process of data analysis/science and how to make it easier, faster, and more fun. That’s what has lead to the development of my most popular packages like ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, stringr. This year, I’ve been particularly interested in making it as easy as possible to get data into R. That’s lead to my work on the DBI, haven, readr, readxl, and httr packages. Please feel free to ask me anything about the craft of data science. I’m also broadly interested in the craft of programming, and the design of programming languages. I’m interested in helping people see the beauty at the heart of R and learn to master it as easily as possible. As well as a number of packages like devtools, testthat, and roxygen2, I’ve written two books along those lines: Advanced R, which teaches R as a programming language, mostly divorced from its usual application as a data analysis tool. R packages, which teaches software development best practices for R: documentation, unit testing, etc. Please ask me anything about R programming! Other things you might want to ask me about: I work at RStudio. I’m the chair of the infrastructure steering committee of the R Consortium. I’m a member of the R Foundation. I’m a fellow in the American Statistical Association. I’m an Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Rice University: that means they don’t pay me and I don’t do any work for them, but I still get to use the library. I was a full time Assistant Professor for four years before joining RStudio. These days I do a lot of programming in C++ via Rcpp. Many questions about my background, and how I got into R, are answered in my interview at priceonomics. A lot of people ask me how I can get so much done: there are some good answers at quora. In either case, feel free to ask for more details! Outside of work, I enjoy baking, cocktails, and bbq: you can see my efforts at all three on my instagram. I’m unlikely to be able to answer any terribly specific questions (I’m an amateur at all three), but I can point you to my favourite recipes and things that have helped me learn. I’ll be back at 3 PM ET to answer your questions. ASK ME ANYTHING! Update: proof that it’s me Update: taking a break. Will check back in later and answer any remaining popular/interesting questions