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Analysis of local dust plumes using ground- and satellite-based remote sensing supported by surface measurements
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  • Seyedali Sayedain,
  • Norman O'Neill,
  • James King,
  • P. Hayes
Seyedali Sayedain
PhD student

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Norman O'Neill
University of Sherbrooke
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James King
Université de Montréal
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P. Hayes
Université de Montréal
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The Kluane Lake region in the Canadian Yukon territory is subject to regular drainage-flow dust plumes emanating from the Slims River basin. We have recently employed ground- and satellite-based remote sensing (RS) techniques to analyze the complementarity and redundancy of such RS retrievals relative to springtime Kluane Lake measurements made using a suite of microphysical and meteorological instruments. Our preliminary results include a correlation analysis between ground- and satellite-based CM (coarse or super-μm mode) AOD (aerosol optical depth) retrievals and between ground-based CM AODs and their surface microphysical analogues of particle-volume concentration, supported by 1.5 μm Doppler (HSRL) lidar profiles. The analysis includes an opto-physical interpretation of strongly and weakly correlative illustrations.