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Australian warming: observed change and global temperature targets
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  • Michael Richard Grose,
  • Blair Trewin,
  • Linden Ashcroft,
  • Andrew David King,
  • Ed Hawkins
Michael Richard Grose
CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

Corresponding Author:michael.grose@csiro.au

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Blair Trewin
Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)
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Linden Ashcroft
University of Melbourne
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Andrew David King
University of Melbourne
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Ed Hawkins
University of Reading
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Quantifying warming of the Earth’s climate system since the late 19th century and the ratio of regional to global warming are required when examining implications of Paris Agreement global warming targets. To estimate these terms reliably, the limitations in quality and length of observed records, differences between climate models and observations, and different results dependent on temporal and forcing contexts must be taken into account. Here we use observational datasets currently available back to 1860 and the latest set of global climate model simulations from CMIP5/6 to examine the warming of Australia in the past and projected future. We find that Australia has warmed by 1.5 °C (1.3–1.8 °C) during 1850 - 2019, at a ratio of ~1.4 times the global warming of ~1.1 °C. Models generally produce a lower ratio of Australian to global warming than in observations, which may be related to model biases or internal climate variability.