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The ISOLDE LEGO® Robot: Playing with nuclear physics or The ISOLDE LEGO® Robot: Building interest in nuclear physics ?
  • Thomas Elias Cocolios,
  • Kara M Lynch,
  • emma.nichols
Thomas Elias Cocolios
KU Leuven

Corresponding Author:thomas.elias.cocolios@cern.ch

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Kara M Lynch
European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
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An outreach programme centred around nuclear physics making use of a LEGO® Mindstorm® kit is presented. It consists in a presentation given by trained undergraduate students as science ambassadors followed by a workshop where the target audience manipulates the LEGO® Mindstorm® robots to familiarise themselves with the concepts in an interactive and exciting way. This programme has been coupled to the CERN-ISOLDE \(50^{th}\) anniversary and the launch of the CERN-MEDICIS facility in Geneva, Switzerland. The modular aspect of the programme readily allows its application to other topics.