Your Paper is Now Ready on Arrival

The Authorea Team

Still writing your own documents? That’s so 3200 BCE!

At Authorea, we take digital publishing so seriously, we want to write your paper for you!

Partnering with SCIgen (who we briefly profiled last week), writing, submitting and disseminating your research will never again require a keyboard.

Scholarly research and writing have never been easier.
By stitching together a home-brewed soup of technical lingo, a cursory glance at your paper will yield resounding “Oh, hum, yes?”s — we guarantee!

Concerned your manuscript won’t get accepted for publication? SCIgen has a proven record that many of their randomly generated manuscripts have made it in to “peer reviewed” journals. And don’t worry, this is only horrifying if you aren’t in on it!

Best of all, you can use a private article on Authorea to keep unwanted questions and comments out of the equation. Open and honest peer review is after all too dangerous an experiment, when we have venues ready and capable of accepting your SCIgen derived piece of utter genius.

Happy Writing! ;)

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