How to add and manage citations and references in Authorea

The Authorea Team

How to add a citation

Do you know which paper you want to cite, but don’t want to mess around with reference importing? Don’t worry! A couple of clicks and you’ll be done. From the editor, click on the cite button.

A citation tool opens up. Search for the paper by author name, title, keyword, and/or year of publication in one of our databases. When you find it, cite it and this will create a citation in your text such as \ cite{Einstein1905} , which will render into a citation like (Einstein 1905) and a reference (see below) upon saving.

Advanced citation management

If you want to use textual and parenthetical citations, you can do so by altering the \ cite command as follows:

If you are using LaTeXML for Latex support and/or want your textual and parenthetical citations to also render nicely in the exported PDF, you have to include the following lines in your header.tex file (create it from the folder view, if it does not exist already): \usepackage{natbib} \bibliographystyle{plainnat}