What’s on your mind?
This is an experimental “article”.
I’ll periodically drop citations to papers and news I’m reading, I’ve read, or I’m still thinking about. Dropped citations might have comments, links to related articles/writings, or be effectively untouched.

At any point, anyone can comment on anything (please do; it’s encouraged).
Maybe you have some insights on a paper, a particular concept, or technique. Maybe you disagree with something. Maybe you have more recommended reading. Maybe you just want to say something is “cool”.
Any kind of comment is good because it adds information to the thought-process or discussion.

As this is a work very much in progress, organizational changes will be made I’m sure, and if anyone has suggestions or wants to build off anything here, go for it. The goal, while not yet entirely clear, is some kind of radical or innovative collaboration.


BCS, 1957 (1st microscopic treatment of superconductivity) (Bardeen 1957)

Time Emerges from Quantum Entanglement (Moreva 2014)
ArXiv blog post

Bibliometrics, Science Policy, Productivity, and Reproducibility

Metascience to improve and verify reproducibility. (Schooler 2014)

Google Scholar, “Rise of the Rest”:
shift in citation distributions (between “high impact” and “non-elite” journals)
Authorea Coverage

Transparency in Science necessary to build public trust: Nature News

Google Scholar, “On the Shoulders of Giants”:
increasing citation rates on older papers
Google Scholar Blog

“Superstar” Researchers (Shockley 1957)

Redesign ochem lab course for professional development/independent research (Alaimo 2014)


Evolutionary Cell Biology (Lynch 2014)

Nature News on Ancient Hominids’ Genomes (Callaway 2013)


Microbiome regulates permeability of blood-brain barrier in mice (Braniste 2014)

Viruses may be beneficial in certain crcumstances in mammalian gut