How To Insert Jupyter and IPython Notebooks in Authorea articles

Authorea Help

At Authorea, we want to change the way scientists communicate and share their research. This includes giving all the information behind figures a place to live: by letting readers and reviewers access your data and code, your results can be easily reproduced and extended.

Adding data to articles

It’s really easy to incorporate Jupyter Notebooks as well as datasets in your articles. This guide illustrates the step-by-step procedure to easily add any arbitrary dataset to an Authorea article, by navigating to the Data folder, and adding files there (they get added to the Authorea’s underlying Git repository).

Adding data ”behind” figures

You can also associate data and Jupyer Notebooks to a specific figure. This guide illustrates the step-by-step procedure for adding a figure to an Authorea document and attaching data and Jupyer Notebooks to it. Whenever Authorea documents detect ”data behind a figure”, a data flag icon appears next to the figure, as for the figure below. The icon is meant to alert you, your collaborators and readers that some data is available behind the figure.

An example using Lotka-Volterra equations to model population dynamics.