• review header (the image non represent the school), maybe will not use the same structure for the master school page
  • not sure, but maybe a little video or an image that have a little movement into the header from the header will works better
  • we have an excellent structure (why we don’t use that in the header, a lot of student were captured from that)
  • use black and white as much as possible
  • review master section, like the idea, play better with style
  • we need a stronger footer, this look like unprofessional
  • we should introduce a pixel loader and play with the square, a little animation in AE with an export with bod
  • clean the menu, maybe not all the voice need to be there
  • add call to action in the hompage (like enrool or request information)
  • privacy policy and cookie don’t need to be present for all the timeck to start writing.
  • users opinion must be more real as possible, if we want to mantain that, we should introuduce effective student, maybe opinion on twitter or others social
  • if the clients images don't have a link, they are not really functional, which is the real function of that page?

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