6 Essential Employee Onboarding Tips for Startups

As a successful startup, company growth is inevitable; and with growth comes new employees. Irrespective of how successful your startup may be, you want to avoid spending extra cash as the result of poor onboarding and subsequent attrition.
When done correctly, the onboarding process will influence whether your new hire decides to stick around or whether they will be out the door within the first year. To make sure you’re hiring the right people, here’s how to go about orientating your new staff members.
1. Start with the paperwork
Before your new employee arrives for their first day at the office, get the paperwork handled first. Apart from the employment contract, you’ll also need to send over your HR policy guidelines with adequate time for them to read through them and come up with any questions. You will also need to discuss how their paychecks will be delivered, and any necessary documentation needed to get that set up.