British Journal of Cancer

Manuscript format

Manuscripts, which must be written in English, should be typed using double spacing with a wide margin all round the text. Manuscripts must be concise, overly long manuscripts may be rejected on that basis. Authors are encouraged to make use of online only Supplementary Material when additional data is needed to support their conclusions. All Supplementary Material must be shown to the referees and should be submitted with the paper.
  • Full papers must not exceed 5000 words, which should include all figure legends and associated text. They should contain no more than six display items: figures and/or tables. Figures should be as concise as possible and should be prepared with regard for the current design of the BJC page and our Guide to Preparing Artwork. Figures must not have more than eight constituent parts and they must not exceed one page including their figure legend. If tables are likely to occupy more than one page when typeset in BJC’s current style, following the examples given in our Table Style Guide, the total number of display items submitted should be reduced accordingly. Full papers should be divided into sections: a structured abstract of about 200 words; introduction; materials and methods; results; discussion; acknowledgements; and should be supported by key references.
  • Short communications should comprise approximately 1500 words and up to three figures or tables, prepared as described above. They should be supported by a shortened list of references and should have the section headings; introduction; materials and methods; results; discussion; acknowledgements and a shorter structured abstract of approximately 100-150 words.
  • Minireviews should have 3000-3500 words, with appropriate reductions for one or two figures or tables, and should include a brief abstract, an introduction, a conclusion, and no more than 30 references.
    Minireview figures are usually restyled, please discuss this with the Main Editorial Office when manuscripts are accepted.
    All minireview articles will have their figures published with a facility for all readers to download free PowerPoint slides via the BJC website.