Why We're All Dying As Lip Virgins

Kissing is one of the most common ways of showing affection. It usually feels good, it's good for you (burns calories and strengthens your immune system), and can even save lives (a study found that men who get a kiss before leaving for work lived 5 years longer than those who didn't get kisses). Unfortunately, you'll never be able to truly kiss someone. This isn't entirely due to your terrible personality or lack of personal hygiene though. According to this trusted source, there's science behind your dry spell.
As stated by physics, two atoms will never be able to touch. The properties of electrostatics say that like charges always repel each other. Therefore, two objects can never come together.
And yet, we feel the sensation of kissing. And (most of us) like it. How is that possible?
Atoms don't like touching, but they don't mind sharing either. We don't actually touch, but we do feel an electron's repulsive force. As our skin touches another surface, the repulsive force between the atoms is first sensed by mechanoreceptors. Neurons then carry the signal to the brain where it is ultimately interpreted as touch.