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This is h2

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This is h3 with no line breaks before it

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testing folding

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How do subsections appear?



Why doesn’t this fold? Some more text. \(M_{i}^{-}\) More to the point, Unicode math renders in the LaTeXmode: \(a_{i}⊕b_{i}\) This is supposed to be ‘displaymath‘:

\begin{equation} ∑_{i≥0}A_{i}\nonumber \\ \end{equation}

What about Unicode Cyrillic? бывать продолжать не знаю откуда не знаю аю откуда кудо куда куда да или нет? да или нет?


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h2 (CMS/CERN 2012)

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This is supposed to be a title

the real question is whether this is usable.
\( u↦v\)
Here it is without math environment:

this is h2

I'm just wondering about the Markdown syntax highlighting

this is h3

and this is a blockquote, which I already know