LabCraft is a community-driven mod for the popular video game Minecraft (published by Mojang). LabCraft is meant to be used as a teaching tool and to expose children to various biology-related disciplines. Feel free to contact any listed author if you’re interested in helping develop or deploy LabCraft.

GitHub Source

Modding Reference:

We will be using 64-bit Java version 8u25, so make sure you get the jdk for that version from Oracle’s site.

After some digging, I found a new version of Minecraft Forge for Minecraft 1.8. It is already in the GitHub, and a tutorial is shown below. I do not think that we each need to do all the setup steps since it is in the shared folder.

If you are using Eclipse, you should use the import projects wizard to import all projects in the entire GitHub repository. You should find 3:




Include all of them in your workspace.

Forge Modding Minecraft 1.8 - Start with this

Forge overview

Minecraft Wiki: Mods/Creating Mods

MCP Website

Minecraft Forum: Creating Mods

Minecraft Forums: Mapping and Modding Tutorials

Minecraft Forge Wiki: Tutorials

A more complete example

Techne: A tool for making 3D minecraft models

Minecraft Wiki: Mods/Installing Mods

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