Merridown analysis


  • The final predictive model for CIMT Max included SBP, Hba1c and Homocystein, as well as the interaction between SPB and Hba1c.

  • SBP, Hba1c and Homocystein are all affected by Statin use and the use of BP medication

  • SBP is affected by Hba1c and Homosystein

  • Apoliprotein A1 is a significant predictor of Hba1c

  • Apoliprotein A1 shares significant relationships with HDL and Statin use.

Analysis of complete records/missing data

Across all patient records, there were no complete records for data collected between 2008 and 2013. To investigate the missing data structure, an indicator matrix was constructed with the same dimension as the dataset. Each entry was coded as a 0 or 1, depending on whether an observation was recorded.

Variable Obs_available percent.avail
1 ID 1508.00 100.00
2 year 1508.00 100.00
3 alt 623.00 41.31
4 ApoliA1 610.00 40.45