Facilitating pediatric diagnosis using dynamic programming approach


The scenario of maternal and pediatric health in the Philippines has been an ongoing problem. This paper discusses a tool developed to expedite the process of diagnosing, informing the patient and prescribing the appropriate medication using novel techniques in dynamic programming. With the integration of a medical knowledge base, existing patient data and an inference engine, we are able to generate a case specific advise acting as a decision support system for medical practitioners. The goal to facilitate an improved delivery of diagnosis aiding physicians in giving timely and appropriate advice. A team of pediatric physicians piloted and tested this tool garnering an average usability rating of 9.2 over 10.

Keywords: Inference engine, dynamic programming, knapsack, e-health;


Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) are active knowledge systems which use two or more items of patient data to generate case-specific advice. This system forms a significant part of the field of clinical knowledge management technologies through their capacity to support the clinical process and use of knowledge, from diagnosis and investigation through treatment and long-term care. It usually uses integrated database systems with custom front-end user interface that is designed to help physicians address their computerization needs with regards to the information of their patients.

This paper discusses the creation, development and testing of a CDSS targeted for Pediatric Physicians. Related literature is discussed in the next section while having results of usability testings and discussions in mentioned in the latter sections. Findings and insights are discussed as well in the latter parts of this paper.