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Facilitating pediatric diagnosis using dynamic programming approach
  • Jordan Aiko Deja
University of Santo Tomas
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Jordan Aiko Deja
De La Salle University
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The scenario of maternal and pediatric health in the Philippines has been an ongoing problem. This paper discusses a tool developed to expedite the process of diagnosing, informing the patient and prescribing the appropriate medication using novel techniques in dynamic programming. With the integration of a medical knowledge base, existing patient data and an inference engine, we are able to generate a case specific advise acting as a decision support system for medical practitioners. The goal to facilitate an improved delivery of diagnosis aiding physicians in giving timely and appropriate advice. A team of pediatric physicians piloted and tested this tool garnering an average usability rating of 9.2 over 10.

Keywords: Inference engine, dynamic programming, knapsack, e-health;