Top 3 Social Media Tools Every Researcher & Scholar Needs

The Authorea Team


  • Manage multiple accounts: on one dashboard, control your personal, lab, and misc accounts. Connect not just Twitter, but also Facebook, Instagram, Wordpress, Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube. You can connect up to 3 accounts for free or unlimited accounts for $9.99/month. 
  • Add Columns: easily check notifications, activity, mentions, messages, specific topics, and more in column-view. Right now, Authorea is tracking the keyword "open science".
  • Schedule Tweets: manually schedule or autoschedule (with predetermined optimal times) your tweets. Authorea uses Hootsuite to share your papers and the latest science news!
  • Target: now choose which countries of users you want to tweet to! Authorea holds #OpenScience events all over Europe and the US and we wouldn't want to make you feel like you're missing out if you're not in the area.
  • Attach files: now you can attach more than an image. Try a pdf or word document!
  • Shorten links: don't waste 150 characters on a link. Just copy and paste your long URL into the shortener and get a customized link.
  • Work on the go: Hootsuite has a great android and iOS app so you can schedule and engage wherever you are.
For those looking for a Twitter-only tool, check out Twitter's TweetDeck, a free alternative almost the same features. For more on the difference between Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, check out Razor Social's TweetDeck Versus Hootsuite – The Essential Guide.


  • Get stats quickly: click on any Tweet and get a visual of clicks received, retweets, replies, etc. According to Twitter Analytics, Authorea's most retweeted post is below, with 82 retweets in the last month.
  • Mention


    • See mentions on various sources: find who is talking about you live and send them manual/automated DM, reply to relevant tweets right away, and integrate with tools like Slack and RSS. 
    • Mention Statistics: check out automated reports on volume, locations, languages, sources, influencers, reach, sentiment, topics, and more! Get notifications as they come or in daily reports. Authorea sends data to Slack so we can see your sentiments toward us daily. We're glad so say it's mostly positive. :)
    • Better than Google Alerts

    Got better social tools you want to share? Comment here and let us know!

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