Simulation of a hub passenger in pre-salt offshore operations


The Oil and gas operations in deep waters became the main challenge in the production chain studies worldwide. This paper aims to provide a simulation model for the passengers hub transfer to support the pre-salt operations in the Santos basin. The simulation model has been developed taking in account the sea and weather limit conditions for vessels and helicopters operations. The results show that both limitations cause a considered number of interruptions and the level of utilization and size of the hub was determined.


Operations difficulties in distant oil platforms
Subject to sea and weather conditions
Mixed use of maritime and aerial transportation of passengers and goods(Stupalo 2013).
Objectives of the simulation model
A Discrete-Event Simulation modeling approach is used with taking account weather and sea conditions, restraining the operations

Problem description

The pre-salt operations
The needs of an intermediary facility to support the operations
The input data analysis and characterization of sea and weather limits of operations
The modeling and simulation framework
The analytical formulation of the main queues
The proposed model in Arena
Scenarios studied