How do I use Authorea?

The Authorea Team

You can start using Authorea in seconds by signing up for a free account and beginning a new document. Authorea provides a rich-text web editor so that anyone can start creating beautiful documents. If you’re familiar with MS Word or Google Docs, you’ll be familiar with the Authorea editing interface.

If you’re used to writing in LaTeX: Authorea makes LaTeX easy - just select LaTeX as your editing mode and your ready to go. Authorea’s LaTeX editor allows you to write in code and see it rendered.

If you prefer Markdown: Select Markdown as you preferred editing mode, and you’ll launch into a familiar Markdown environment.

You can also upload an existing document: On your Authorea home page, click the “Import” button. From there you can select from many types of articles and upload them to Authorea.

When you start using Authorea, we ask what is your preferred format. No matter what default format you selected, you can change the default format of each new article you create (or an existing one) by selecting its format in the Article Settings (under Advanced Settings for newly created articles).

You can also change your global default format at any time by visiting your User Settings page (Editor Preferences -> Default format).

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