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On the Old North Trail
  • Roger Coe Eddy
Roger Coe Eddy
Roger Coe Eddy MD

Corresponding Author:telemachus1934@gmail.com

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I modified Critical Incident Technique with colleagues to address complex contexts and index psychoanalytic concepts again modified in recognition of issues raised by Neuro-psychoanalysis. Psychoanalytic work outside the secure analytic office may lead to dramatic success or failure. The appreciation of underlying resistances, deeply held, bubbles up over a lifetime of experience disturbing the security of settled science but offering some clues of brain-plasticiy and creative re-framing that stave off for the present fears of dementia. I argue for examining the philosophical assumptions  of clinical psychoanalysis and for further exploration outside the box of average expectable clinical practice. The Tufte style of presentation is deliberate chosen to offer links to explore and at times a map of what otherwise would seem meaningless rambling. As a scout I think I find rather than other forks on the trail, as yet unexplored or worse seen but unreported, out of compassion fatigue, fear of shaming or isolation.