Authorea sandbox

This is place for various tests I make with Authorea.

Bokeh + iPython

An attempt to link an iPython notebook that produces a Bokeh plot.

Math mode or not math mode?

Let’s try to add a chemical formulaes:

w/o math mode: C^{18}O (does not work with LaTeXML)

with math mode \(\mathrm{C^{18}O}\)

nicer w/o math mode: C18O

Citing code

For this research, I used a code from Zenodo (Xing; 2015). DOI import does not seem to work very well for Zenodo, but we can cite it with the entry BibTeX instead (Bezanson 2015).

Using the euro sign

The euro sign looks like this: €

It is correctly displayed in the web version, but in the exported PDF, it is replaced by EU.

A workaround is to add the following lines in the header.tex file:


In practice the UTF-8 character corresponding to the euro sign is converted into the \euro{} command when exporting to LaTeX.