Quality Assessment in the context of FTV: challenges and first answers


FTV a step towards interactivity: addressing QoE but first Image/video quality as one component of QoE Bench of work and standard on how to measure image and video quality, including latest for 3DTV, from both subjective and objective point of view. Nevertheless FTV brings new issues, especially because we cannot ignore the uses case, one particular interest is the affordance for navigation from one view to another how to test this? what type of artefacts could bring the technlogy? (citation not found: Bosc_2011_3)(Zhang 2014)(Lee 2011)

Navigation and FTV: generating new perceptual artefacts

here one or two pictures of multiview (texture plus depth) + time + view synthesis + transmission scheme and possibility to generate many paths in this dimension

Towards new protocols to test the effect of coding/transmission and rendering technology on quality of Navigation

EPFL/IRCCyN stress the limitation => a limited factor of QoE (Bosc 2013) (Bosc 2011)