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Some text introducing the study.

Literature Review

Some literature review text. Testing a citation McCauley 2008. It's pretty easy if you have a DOI. You can also paste BibTex Sedgwick 2010
These are two studies that are similar, one published and the other not. Hardaker 2016 and McGlashan 2015

Research Question(s)

How does the language used by pick up artists reify objectification....
Does the language used by pick up artists in their community resemble other forms of so-called "radicalization" described in the literature (more details to come once literature is reviewed)?


Some text about methods. You can insert an interactive figure if needed. Tables are also possible and will be formatted at export according to the journal's requirements. 
Table delineating data sources.
Source Number of Posts Date Collected
reddit 1,256,178 2011-2015
Twitter 4,849 2016


Some results.

Sub-Results 1

This is further explanation of Sub-Result 1.


  1. Claire Hardaker, Mark McGlashan. “Real men don’t hate women”: Twitter rape threats and group identity. Journal of Pragmatics 91, 80 - 93 (2016). Link

  2. Clark McCauley, Sophia Moskalenko. Mechanisms of Political Radicalization: Pathways Toward Terrorism. Terrorism and Political Violence 20, 415–433 Informa UK Limited, 2008. Link

  3. Mark McGlashan, Claire Hardaker. Twitter rape threats and the discourse of online misogyny (DOOM): using corpus-assisted community analysis (COCOA) to detect abusive online discourse communities. Corpus Linguistics 2015 Abstract Book. Paper presented at Corpus Linguistics, 2015.

  4. Mark Sedgwick. The Concept of Radicalization as a Source of Confusion. Terrorism and Political Violence 22, 479-494 (2010). Link

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