AGN sample from CHILES field

Charee Peters, Laura Chomiuk, Lilia Tremou

Multiwavelngth diagnostics on AGNs from CHILES sample.




Using the deepest CHILES field image (~380 hours integration time, primary beam corrected), we run the Aegean source finding program with the default parameters. The rms value was taken from the image itself ~1.5 \(\mu\)Jy/beam and the sigma is set to 5. In total 2985 detections were returned, while 430 sources with peak flux > 100\(\mu\)Jy. Above are plotted the CHILES field detected sources with flux > 100\(\mu\)Jy. Histogram showing the distribution of their radio flux, which has been measured from the latest CHILES field image.

Radio flux from CHILES observations versus X-ray flux taken from the COSMOS/XMM catalog. Red triangles represent the sources with X-ray upper limits that have not been detected at this X-ray band. The sample seen here is the cross-matched sources between the CHILES sources with flux > 100 \(\mu\) Jy and the Veron catalog (citation not found: 2010A&A...518A..10V) of Quasars and AGNs.