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Genius and Elite: The Relation Between Galileo and Einstein

To explore the perception of the universe, Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) played an important leading role. With his discoveries, the veil between human beings and the universe was removed. Humans got to have a closer look of the moon, the sun, and the star. In addition, he proved physical theories by different experiments, such as the acceleration of falling objects. While two hundred years later in 20th century, Albert Einstein's (1879-1955) revolution lead the exploration of the universe to a higher level: the change and relation of space and time. Science is a continuous chain of discovery. Their theories influence each other. With the efforts of these great scientists, we humans are allowed to have a deeper understanding of the universe.

If it were not for a telescope,people could not have a tool to observe the universe and realize many subtle things outside the Earth. In the autumn of 1608, two Dutchman, Hans Lippershey and Zacharias devised a telescope. After that, it was first used in astronomy in early December 1609, and the observer was Galileo. At first,the telescope could only magnify objects seven times.  After Galileo's continuous efforts, the telescope finally could magnify objects twenty times. He successfully improved the telescope. Galileo used the telescope to observe many things in the universe. First of all, he discovered that the moon had mountains and measured some of their heights. In addition, he  found four satellites around Jupiter and that Venus showed  phases just as the moon. It was really an amazing news at that time because people were unable to imagine that humans beings could explore the world besides the Earth.Galileo started the precedent and lots of scientists follow his steps. They found more surprising phenomenon of astronomy with the telescope. Thanks to these scientists,  people can have more understandings ab