Korean Bioinformaticians Evolve Genome Browsers : Korean Genome Browser (KGB)       

There are many available genome browsers developed for general purposes Speir 2016 or for specific problems [ref]. We reinvent another wheel for browsing genomes, by which we educate ourselves and help people to understand data.
Goals and aims
We are not making a general tool nor specific one for a problem. Our goal is providing a S/W environment for people who develop such tools. The specific aims are
  1. to develop a simplest, extendable BASH-based genome browser
  2. to develop a simplest, extendable Web-based (REST API) genome browser 

a \Leftrightarrow 2\pi a\sum\limits_{k = - \infty }^\infty

{\delta (\omega + 2\pi k)} ,( - \infty < n < \infty )