8 Historic Elections in Science 

The Authorea Team

The scientific community holds elections for various academies, positions, and prizes. Much like in politics, the elections have not always been open to everyone. Here we highlight 8 "firsts" in elections in light of the current United States presidential election. 
First Woman Member of the National Academy of Sciences: Florence Rena Sabin (1871-1953) 
Elected in 1925, Dr. Florence Rena Sabin was the first female member of the NAS. Dr. Sabin was also the first woman on the faculty of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Read more about Dr. Sabin here.

First African American elected member of the NAS: David Blackwell (1919-2010).
Elected in 1965, Dr. David Blackwell was the first African American elected member of the NAS. Read more about Dr. Blackwell here.