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Science Manuscript Template
General Instructions on using this template and submitting a manuscript to Science: Thank you for preparing a manuscript for submission to Science. Using this template, or following the guidelines below, will help us in processing your paper. Our goal is to be able to identify each section of your manuscript so that we can accurately record the title, authors, abstract, etc. and also be able to enrich it by including reference links and an accurate layout.
Please use the actual template, which starts on page 2. delete the text on this cover page.
You can submit your paper at
Additional instructions are available at
If you are using LaTeX , please convert your paper into a Word or RTF file if possible. If this is not possible, please use our LaTeX template and upload a PDF version of your paper. Some conversion approaches are available here:
So that we can identify the parts of your paper, and even if you do not use our template, please begin each section with the specific key words listed below, some of which are followed by a colon. Please do not use paragraph breaks in the title, author list, or abstract.
One Sentence Summary:
Main Text:
References and Notes (followed by a numbered list)