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Visual research landscape of surface water and groundwater interactions (1980 - 2017)
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  • Dasapta Erwin Irawan,
  • budibr,
  • denyjuanda,
  • imam_priyono,
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Dasapta Erwin Irawan
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Corresponding Author:dasaptaerwin@outlook.co.id

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Tautan INArxiv
Surface water is closely linked to unconfined groundwater, especially in Indonesia, where shallow aquifers are mostly composed of unconsolidated layers. To put Indonesia’s research on surface water and groundwater interactions in to perspective, we did a scientometric study based on literature search using VosViewer and Scopus database. We analyzed a corpus of 281 papers to extract the hidden pattern of information using text mining algorithm. There are five clusters of subtopic that we gained from the dataset: modeling/simulation, contamination, water balance, and climate-land use. We also find multiple gaps in the literature that mostly related to local geological settings. Based on that, we endorse Indonesia authors to start looking at the unique socio-economic and bio-geophysical features, and report it in form of scientific papers/reports and disseminate their key points online to get more international attention. Based on the results, we also push Indonesian scientific community to lead more international collaboration to promote local distinctive features using widespread collaboration tools online. Given the lack of funding, we also promote the usage of free and open source tools for any kinds of research initiatives.
Keywords: surface water, groundwater, interaction, gap analysis