Creating a domino effect: what can we all do, however small, to make research more open and reproducible?

The Authorea Team

Issues related to research transparency and reproducibility are becoming increasingly recognized for their importance in communicating and conducting research. However, practices by most academics could be improved.
Open science initiatives show the desire to change and an increasing number of academics have taken conscious steps to share their research and take a stand against paywalls.
This weekend we are at MozFest in London talking about positive effects of open science. If you would like to dig deeper join us for our Sunday lunch session at the Open Badges Space. During the session we will explore the great possibilities that come with open science. We will invite everyone to discuss challenges and brainstorm tools and incentives needed to drive a paradigm shift.
Authorea aims to make science more open and reproducible and believes that work should be open-access, linked to data, and easily discoverable and read by machines. Using Authorea’s software, we show how researchers can publish and work openly within the confines of the current incentive structure.
During the workshop, you will create your own Authorea project and get hands on experience working with the platform. If you would like to share your ideas or contribute to the project feel free to edit out GitHub repository.
We are looking forward to see you on Sunday!

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