Craft & Hone Your Scientific Research Pitch

Authorea Team

New York City is rapidly emerging as a dynamic ecosystem for science & tech startups. The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) along with its funding partners recently launched The Life Sciences Funding Initiative; a $150 million fund that seeks to launch 15 to 20 breakthrough life science ventures by 2020. Venture Capital companies, like New York based Lux Capital, also recognizes the importance of start-ups rooted in science and tech, as demonstrated by their launch of a $350 million fund to find and develop them.

With the influx of investment into accelerating the growth of New York City’s science and tech ecosystem, investors often remark on how scientists and science startups often miss their opportunities because they lack the ability to distill and convey their research into language that the investor understands.

You know the scientific value of your research but not everyone else does. When you are asked “What is your research on?” are you transmitting your response clearly and concisely so that it is understood? How do you communicate the relevance of your work in the context of benefits to society and human health? How do you engage your audience knowing that all they care about is the “So what?” and “Why does it matter?” part of your message?

Authorea, a collaborative research writing platform, invites you to come learn from some of New York City's top science, tech and VC professionals on how to craft and pitch your scientific research.

When: Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 
           6pm Welcome Cocktail
           6:30pm Panel Begins
           7:30pm Post-Panel Networking

Where: General Assembly 10 East 21st Street, 3rd Floor New York , NY 10010

Hosted by Authorea Growth & Marketing Manager, Adyam Ghebre, we welcome panelists:

Kathleen D. Warner
Kathleen is Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s Center for Economic Transformation (CET). She has a tremendous track record of working at the intersection of technology, innovation, and public service. CET works hand in hand with industry leaders to address the needs of NYC's legacy and emerging businesses by analyzing current economic trends; developing innovative strategies and implementing transformative programs that help businesses thrive and grow. As COO to and member of the founding team of the Startup America Partnership, Kathleen was instrumental in creating Startup America's national brand, engagement and growth strategy, leading the relationships with founding sponsors, the Case Foundation & the Kauffman Foundation, its all-entrepreneur board and with its key public partner, the White House. Kathleen also launched Startup America’s community of regional Champions and worked closely with its corporate sponsors and key business partners in co-creating opportunities to further Startup America's mission of supporting high growth companies & inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Dr. Russell H. Ellison
Dr. Ellison currently serves as Executive Director of Torreya Partners - M&A and financial advisory firm where he leads the Strategic Investment group. Russell is also President and CEO of Bond Biosciences Inc, a privately held biotech company focused on the development of non absorbed oral chelators of metals for the treatment of genetic disorders, and as Managing Partner of Alameda Consulting LLC. Dr. Ellison served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Assembly Biosciences NASDAQ:ASMB (formerly Ventrus Biosciences 2010-2014) a biotech company focused on Hepatitis B and microbiome therapeutics for GI disorders from June 2010 to February 2015 . He served as an Executive Vice President of Paramount BioSciences LLC from 2007 - 2010, and he served as Vice President of Clinical Development at Fibrogen Inc, NASDAQ:FGEN 2005-2007. He served as the U.S. Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer at Sanofi-Synthelabo, based in the United States, from 2002 - 2006, as the U.S. Vice President of Medical Affairs and the Chief Medical Officer at Hoffmann La Roche US from 1997-2002 and as Vice President at Roche Canada from 1990 to 1997. He has also held senior-level medical affairs and drug development positions at Hoechst Canada, Inc., Glaxo Canada, and Pharma International, Ciba Geigy, based in Basel. He served as an Independent Director of Cougar Biotechnology Inc., previously, and as a Director of ProSanos Corporation. He holds an M.D. from the University of British Columbia and an M.Sc., with distinction, from The London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Christine Gorman
Christine Gorman is the editor in charge of health and medicine features for SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. Gorman began her publishing career at Time magazine, where she worked for more than 20 years in the business, nation, science and health sections. She received a 2008 Nieman Fellowship to study global health at Harvard University, followed by a three-month reporting trip to investigate the nursing crisis in Malawi.

Ramphis Castro
Ramphis is the co-founder of ScienceVest (YC F3), a fund and platform for hard-tech and life science companies, and Impact Science Angels, an angel group focused on investing in companies that can impact 1MM+ lives. As a Kauffman Fellow, Ramphis researched the funding gaps for radical science companies in the U.S., collecting interviews of over 200 stakeholders across the research & commercialization ecosystem in the U.S. He is also Co-Chair of the NYC Kauffman Fellow Chapter - a community of over 450 innovation investors worldwide representing 160 venture firms and corporate venture groups in 40 countries on 6 continents, that have collectively deployed $200B in venture capital.

As an entrepreneur, he has launched and successfully commercialized intellectual property now used across multiple industries around the world. His background includes undergraduate studies in computer engineering, a Juris Doctor with a focus on AI and robotics law, and graduate studies in public policy, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship education. He is an NCEES licensed Professional Engineer (Computer Engineering)

George Musser
George is a contributing editor at Scientific American and Nautilus magazines, a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT for 2014–2015, and the author of Spooky Action at a Distance (2015) and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to String Theory (2008). He has won numerous awards for his writing, including the Science Writing Award from the American Institute of Physics and Jonathan Eberhart Planetary Sciences Journalism Award from the American Astronomical Society. As Scientific American’s senior editor for space science and fundamental physics for 14 years, he was co-awarded the National Magazine Award in 2003 and 2011.