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Evolving Open Solutions - Group 1

Workgroup Members

Adyam Ghebre, Director of Outreach, Authorea
Elizabeth Kirk, Associate Librarian for Information Resources, Dartmouth College
Frank Sander, Director, Max Planck Digital Library, Max Planck Society
Geoffrey Builder, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Crossref
Joshua Nicholson, CE and Co-Founder, The Winnower
Melinda Kenneway, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Kudos
Mathew Salter, Publisher, American Physical Society
Paul Murphy, Director of Publishing, The RAND Corporation
Robert Kiley, Head of Digital Services, Wellcome Library
Peter Potter, Director of Publishing Strategy, Virginia Tech

Our group started by making a number of general observations about the growth and current state of open scholarship:
Opportunities for open scholarship are greater than ever before, and yet the vast majority of academics still prioritise publishing in pay-for-access journals over open access journals—even though OA journals make scholarship readily available to anyone with access to the internet.