A Gentle Introduction to SuperCollider


Hello World

Ready for creating your first SuperCollider program? Assuming you have SC up and running in front of you, open a new document (menu File\(\rightarrow\)New, or shortcut [ctrl+N]) and type the following line:

"Hello World".postln;

Leave your cursor anywhere in that line (in doesn’t matter if beginning, middle, or end). Press [ctrl+Enter] to evaluate the code. “Hello world” appears in the Post window. Congratulations! You’ve just written and executed your first SC program.

TIP: Throughout this document, ctrl (control) indicates the modifier key for keyboard shortcuts that is used on Linux and Windows platforms. On Mac OSX, use cmd (command) instead.

Figure \ref{fig:scide} shows a screenshot of the SuperCollider IDE (Integrated Development Environment) when you first open it. Let’s take a moment to get to know it a bit.