Rubik's Cube

Most of us have seen a Rubik’s cube before and possibly even solved one. This fascinating little toy was not always a toy. It was created in 1974 by a gentleman named Erno Rubik who was a Hungarian architect and teacher. Erno had created this masterpiece as a new method for teaching in relation to geometry. It was first named the magic cube and was much larger and heavier. I guess it is magical in that any plane of the cube, even the middle, can rotate independent of the others. When Rubik created the cube it took him a month just to solve it. Since it hit the shelves in 1980 and estimated 350 million have been sold.

If you are curious, the number of possible positions of a Rubik’s cube is
\(\frac{8!\cdot 12!\cdot 3^8\cdot 2^{12}}{2\cdot 3\cdot 2}=43252003274489856000\)

So it will keep you busy.

In the 1980’s the cube a record holder had solved it in about 20 seconds while today the current record holder solved it in under 5 seconds.