Cognitive load impairs the joint Simon effect 




공모자 없이 두 명의 참가자가 동시에 과제를 수행하였다. 

모든 참가자는 반응/무반응 과제를 수행하였다. 

부하 효과의 지속성이 염려되어 집단간 처치. 


목적 및 가설 – 저부하/고부하 집단 설명


Participants  Sixty four right-handed undergraduate students participated for course credit or payment. Half of them were randomly assigned to the low-load group and the other half were to the high-load group. Two participants in the high-load group did not press the response keys strongly enough, and about 80% of their responses were not collected. They were replaced with two newly recruited participants. All participants did not notice the purpose and hypothesis of the experiment until debriefing.

Apparatus  Participants sat side-by-side in front of a 17-inch CRT monitor, which was 60 cm away. They responded through a bottom box by their right hands. Stimulus delivery and response collection were controlled by Matlab scripts using Psychtoolbox (Brainard 1997).