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  • The Comparison of CPU Utilizations In The Different Load Balancer Scheduling Algorithms


    This is an academic report for the project of the CENG 530 Computer Networks and Communications course. In the project, CPU utilizations of random, round robin and distribution according to the server load scheduling algorithms for load balancers are studied.


    The purpose of this experiment is to observe the performance of a load balancer in a network environment by using different scheduling algorithms via simulations. The simulations are created by Riverbed Modeller Academic Edition 17.5. Four main scenarios are constructed for the experiment simulations; a system without using load balancer, three systems using load balancer with randomly choosing, round robin and server load algorithms respectively.

    Load balancer definition…

    System Construction

    The identical client machines in the system are configured as (…..). Identical servers used both on scenarios with and without load balancer are configured as (…..). (load balancer configuration) The performance of the systems are evaluated by utilizations of CPUs per servers. Equally distributed average CPU utilization per servers are considered as ideal situation.

    Performance Evaluation

    No Load Balancing

    In the beginning, a system without load balancing is simulated as the control group. As there is no load balancer, only one server handled all the client requests. The CPU utilization values are given in Table 1.

    The CPU utilization values of a system without load balancing.
    Server Minimum Average Maximum
    Server1 0.075873 0.17101 0.25851

    With Load Balancing

    The number of the identical servers are increased from two to eight at each experiment.

    Random Distribution Algorithm

    The random distribution scheduling algorithm is used as the second main scenario. In the random distribution scheduling algorithm provided by Riverbed Modeller, load balancer selects servers randomly to handle the client requests. Below the results of CPU usage for two servers are presented:

    The CPU utilization values of a system with random distribution algorithm for two servers
    Server Minimum Average Maximum StdDev
    Server1 0 0.088343 0.27702 0.052052
    Server2 0 0.082208 0.21960 0.058918
    Average 0