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Paola Guglielmelli


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Born in Pistoia, Italy, in date June 27th 1976 receives the MD degree with honours in with a thesis on a haematological subject in 2003. In 2007 she receives the Specialty degree in Hematology, magna cum laude, discussing a thesis on myeloproliferative disorders subject. In 2011 she receives Ph.D. degree in Clinical and Experimental Oncology, University of Florence. Since January 2011 researcher at the Dept of Medical and Surgical Critical Care: Section of Hematology, University of Florence. Author of more 100 publications on international scientific journals , chapters of Books and proceedings of international conferences. Main scientific interests concern experimental and clinical issues of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs). She is working on the molecular characterization of the coding mRNA and microRNA expression profile in hematopoietic cells of patients with MPNs. She has been also involved in the study of a novel animal model of myelofibrosis. Furthermore, She is strongly committed to clinical work, having in routine charge patients with MPNs and being involved in epidemiologic studies and in clinical protocols with novel drugs.

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