Formation of Rocky Planets without Giant Planets

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Overview of Simulations

  1. Summarize Genga

  2. Summarize Runs, ICs, Run Time

  3. Talk about sharing data (code version, reproducibility, ???)

Overview of simulations.
Run Name Number of Particles Gas Disk Decay Time Solid Disk Surface Density Solid Disk Mass
NoGas 2000 No Gas Disk \(\Sigma \varpropto r^{-1}\) 5 M_Earth
1 Myr 1 Myr
3 Myr 3 Myr
5 Myr 5 Myr
Heavy 1 Myr 10 M_Earth
Steep \(\Sigma \varpropto r^{-1.5}\) 5 M_Earth
HiRes 8192 \(\Sigma \varpropto r^{-1}\)


Mass Evolution