1.Project - Who I am

Project Introduction

Aquisição de Língua Estrangeira

Nível: Básico Adolescente-Adulto

Topic: self-knowledge
Interdisciplinary: EFL – arts– psychology
Multiple Intelligences: intrapersonal – linguistic – visual
Grammar: Simple Present
Vocabulary: personal characteristics, to be, adjectives


Activity One

  • Physical description of the group members.

  • List of adjectives for personality description

Look at the list below and choose all the qualities that describe you. Create your picture factfile and post on the coments of the next link. Follow the model there for your text.

Video lessons connected
1. Video lesson: Who I am - Video content: Physical characteristics, personality, short personal profile
2. Video lesson: Who I am - to be  - Video content: verb to be, pronouns, useful sentences
3. Video lesson: Who I am - autobiography - Video content: verb to be, verb there to be, genitive apostrophe, personal profile

  • Discussion about the qualities that best describe each person of the group.

What adjectives best describe your collegues?

Can you tell about a person’s personality just by a photo? Pick up some of your collegues facebook pics and try to describe what the photo says about them.

Whatsapp question for discussion:

Further reading:

What Your Facebook Profile Pic Really Says About You -


Activity Two

  • Look for metaphors to describe the personality of the group members.

Many songs use metaphors/similes, use this ideas to create metaphors for you.

Strong as a bull.

Solid as a rock.

Free as a bird.

Easy like Sunday morning. Easy as the breeze.

My heart is like an open highway.

You lived your life like a candle in the wind

Like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone